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By streamlining operations and resources, MosaiQ gives you workflow efficiencies with more comprehensive test results.

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Touch screen

  • Intuitive graphical user interface facilitates ease of use and quick handling

Magazine station

  • High capacity – up to 4 magazines with 250 microarrays (85 microarrays presentation available) each can be loaded at once for improved walk-away time
  • Each magazine can represent different panels, for a flexible multiplex solution that reduces time to results

Spotlight on the microarray reaction

  • Integrated calibrators within each microarray delivers reliable results
  • Integrated anti-human IgG controls secures the presence of the serum at the ultimate stage of the reaction

Sample station

  • Random access
  • High throughput with up to 120 sample loading capacity

Incubation chamber and wash station

  • Optical and ultrasonic sensor monitors wash steps and secure the dispensation and aspiration during each wash cycle
  • Environmental monitoring of incubation performance ensures accurate results

Reagent drawer

  • RFID Read-Write capability enables traceability, avoids human mistakes, and saves time
  • Color-coded and Poka Yoke (lock and key system) avoids human mistakes in a busy laboratory environment
  • Concentrated wash buffer solutions are diluted onboard to reduce storage volume, and increase staff safety with lower volume to carry

Water drawers

  • The MosaiQ system can be connected to the water plumbing system for a simplified workflow with fewer user interactions

Reagent door

  • RFID Read-Write capability enables traceability, avoids human mistakes, and saves time
  • Loading area where ready-to-use color-coded reagentsare placed
  • Disposable Dispense Cartridge (DDC) minimizes user intervention and maintenance and avoids reagent carry-over


  • Visual and audible alarms makes the MosaiQ system easy and safe to use in a busy laboratory environment.

Solid & Liquid waste

  • Solid waste bin: 1000 microarrays, improves walkaway time
  • The MosaiQ system can be connected to the drain ensuring staff does not come into contact with liquid waste for increased staff safety

This is the most user-friendly instrument I have used in my 27 years in the testing lab.

MosaiQ Customer

It is very useful to have a solution that delivers every single result at once, particularly simplifying reflex testing.

European Specialized Laboratory

What is important for me, is the total cost of ownership. This solution can deliver cost savings and workflow efficiencies.

USA, Leading Reference Laboratory

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