MOSAIQ® AiPlex CTD ASSAY – Accelerating Autoimmune diagnosis

Introducing our first IVDR CE-marked Microarray solution, MosaiQ AiPlex CTD, designed for laboratories to aid clinicians in the diagnosis of Connective Tissue Diseases on our fully automated, high-throughput platform, the MosaiQ system.

It can take up to 4 years to diagnose Autoimmune diseases*

Diagnosing Connective Tissue Diseases (CTD), such as Lupus, can be a painfully long and uncertain process. Because symptoms vary and are hard to differentiate, a blood test can help to identify CTD – sometimes even before symptoms become clear. The test helps physicians to rule out or confirm diagnosis by detecting autoantibodies associated with different Autoimmune diseases in the blood.

A comprehensive Autoimmune diagnostic solution

Our menu covers the eleven most clinically relevant CTD autoantibodies in one panel, providing laboratories and clinicians with more insights in one test and accelerating the time-to-results for the CTD diagnostic pathway.

The MosaiQ AiPlex CTD assay is designed for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of autoantibodies directed to double-stranded DNA and to the Extractable Nuclear Antigens TRIM21 (SS-A52, Ro-52), SS-A 60 (Ro-60), SS-B (La), Sm, Sm/RNP, U1RNP, Scl-70, Jo-1, CENP B, Ribosomal P Protein in human serum.

*Not available in all territories. Subject to regulatory clearance.

Your CTD panel with multiple analytes is superior to what the competitors can offer

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For Autoimmune testing, the MosaiQ solution brings speed, productivity & efficiency to laboratories

One-step testing, simple workflow, high-throughput, continuous random access

The multiplexed MosaiQ AiPlex CTD microarray enables laboratories to further automate and consolidate test runs for Autoimmune diseases.

Laboratories can count on the MosaiQ system’s state-of-the-art technology for reliability, traceability, quality, and ease-of-use.

The MosaiQ AiPlex CTD assay empowers laboratories and delivers diagnostic confidence to clinicians

  • Clinically proven tests shorten time to diagnosis
    Autoantibodies can be present up to 10 years before patients display specific symptoms. The MosaiQ AiPlex CTD assay can help detect disease early – possibly before specific clinical symptoms appear.  The most relevant autoantibodies that are part of clinical classification criteria are included in the MosaiQ AiPlex CTD assay.
  • Comprehensive panel
    Covering the main CTD autoantibodies, the panel helps laboratories to accelerate time to results, and clinicians to diagnose the underlying CTD diseases or co-morbidities in one test instead of multiple – saving time without unnecessary follow-up appointments.
  • More insights, more clarity
    More diagnostic insights empower clinicians to make better informed, personalized therapy choices early on, improving quality of care and reducing the burden of CTD illnesses for patients.

See how the MosaiQ AiPlex CTD assay can benefit your lab today