Our Mission

Empower diagnostic insights.
Transform patient care.
Innovate for life.

At AliveDx, we know every minute matters for patients. That’s why we are fighting for faster disease detection and diagnosis.

With over 30-years in in-vitro diagnostics, our mission is to empower diagnostic insights, transform patient care, and innovate for life. Here’s how our mission drives our actions:

We empower diagnostic insights by designing state-of-the-art easy-to-use solutions to optimize the work of laboratorians.

We transform patient care by shortening the time for disease detection and diagnosis, enabling patients to consider treatment options earlier.

We innovate for life by delivering innovative high-quality products, focusing on the health and wellness of patients and the day-to-day productivity and satisfaction of our clinical diagnostics partners.

We believe in the collective power of medicine. We are eager to partner with laboratorians and clinicians, patient advocacy groups, researchers, payers and industry partners to inspire innovation and build more valuable products. We are committed to creating clinical and economic value through these partnerships.

Today, our innovative products – Alba, our blood bank reagents portfolio, and MosaiQ, one of the first multiplexing and multimodality automated testing platforms – are revolutionizing clinical diagnostics worldwide. Our products are built with the patient in mind and are designed to make labs more efficient and clinical decision-making more effective.

Our Alba blood bank reagents portfolio enables patients in need of a transfusion to have access to a safe and timely blood match as we facilitate both patient and donor blood screening.

Our MosaiQ solution is designed to shorten time-to-diagnosis for patients by providing faster in-vitro test results. As an easy-to-use single solution, the platform performs multiple tests and gives maximum flexibility to laboratorians and clinicians.

We have evolved into AliveDx, starting our journey over 30 years ago. We became Alba Bioscience, and later, Quotient. As AliveDx, we continue to chart new pathways and innovate for life.

When we ‘feel alive,’ we do more than just live. Feeling alive is giving purpose, meaning and energy to our communities, our work and ourselves. We are AliveDx.

Work With Us

AliveDx currently employs more than 400 expert professionals who are all working toward the same goal: Empower insights. Transform patient care. Innovate for life. Joining AliveDx represents a valuable opportunity to become part of a groundbreaking team that is set to re-shape the future and potential of diagnostics.


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Gender Pay Report

The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average earnings of men and women at AliveDx.

ESG Commitments

At AliveDx, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our business.

Learn About Our Business

Our Commercial and Strategy group works across our organization, with customers and other external partners to achieve our corporate mission: Transforming Transfusion Diagnostics and Beyond. The group is responsible for the planning, marketing, sales and support of our products to our customers worldwide. They achieve this through identifying market opportunities, promoting AliveDx products and services, identifying and building relationships with new customers and maintaining and extending our existing customer relationships. In addition we offer technical product support services dealing with customer questions and complaints.

We have opportunities based within the Sales & Marketing, Technical Product Support, Customer Services and Product Life Cycle Management groups.

The Corporate department is key to supporting AliveDx and ensuring we continue to operate successfully and efficiently. Roles within the Corporate department are varied. We are responsible to ensure our employees, processes and systems are equipped to deal with current and future challenges faced by our business and the demands of our customers. Within our function we provide support from HR, IT, Finance, Administration and Communications. This helps ensure that AliveDx’s business practices are sustainable, fair and efficient.

Our Supply Chain and Operations Department has the primary function of ensuring that products are delivered to customers in line with their expectations.  The team supports the business and ensures AliveDx continues to operate effectively and efficiently. There are a number of different roles and responsibilities within the Operations team. As a whole, the function is responsible for the purchasing and stocking of raw materials for production, the scheduling management of product flow, engineering services to maintain facilities, plant and equipment. We help to provide competitive products to customers and best value for money to stakeholders.

Our Production department is involved in all aspects of the manufacture of AliveDx products. With growth and scientific developments, they are constantly evolving. The Production teams are responsible for manufacturing AliveDx products to meet our customers’ needs, ensuring that high quality products are delivered consistently and efficiently. 

The Regulatory Affairs and AliveDx group contain teams such as AliveDx Control, Quality Assurance, Validation, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs.  The Quality group ensure AliveDx products and process are compliant and of a high standard.  Our Regulatory Affairs team is responsible for managing product license registration with the appropriate regulatory authorities on a worldwide basis.

In R&D, across the AliveDx organization, and with our strategic partners, we strive to be at the forefront of innovative transfusion and clinical diagnostic testing. Whether it is in new product and technology research, in assay or systems development, Program Management, Technical Support, Software Development or Biostatistics, through our Alba reagents range and with our multiplexed, multimodality MosaiQ platform, our teams identify and develop novel solutions that will improve blood transfusion safety, accelerate clinical diagnostic workflows and advance standards of care.

We continuously search for scientists, technicians, engineers, and project managers, to join our team and make a difference by being part of a genuine clinical and technology innovation journey. 

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