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We are an established commercial-stage in-vitro diagnostics company, developing cutting-edge solutions to accelerate and transform disease detection and diagnosis for patients and physicians

AliveDx is an innovative diagnostics company developing disruptive solutions designed to help patients get diagnosed faster and seek treatment options earlier.

Our heritage as a leading manufacturer of Alba reagents for blood transfusion is now strengthened by our focus on growth and expansion in clinical diagnostics with our MosaiQ solution, where we develop cutting-edge testing solutions for autoimmune, allergy and beyond.

As autoimmune and allergy cases rise worldwide, with over 300 million people diagnosed globally, the demand for efficient screening and better lab workflows has never been greater.

AliveDx’s proprietary MosaiQ solution delivers quick comprehensive diagnostic results by simplifying and automating complex diagnostic pathways, enabling patients and physicians to shorten time to diagnosis and treatment with fewer doctor visits. In addition, the flexibility of the MosaiQ solution provides access to large end-markets in in-vitro diagnostics as it simplifies specialty testing in clinical labs around the world and creates the possibility for simultaneous rapid testing on the same solution, hence creating clinical and economical value for customers.

We are rapidly expanding towards a market-leading testing portfolio in autoimmunity with Connective Tissue Diseases, Celiac Disease, Vasculitis, Antiphospholipid Syndrome as well as Allergy by developing screening panels for food and inhalants.

As we gain market share in clinical diagnostics, we will continue to expand our testing portfolio into attractive adjacencies including Immunohematology, Infectious disease, Transplants and Neurogenetic Diseases.

In our Alba business, we continue to scale, upgrade and expand our blood transfusion portfolio, enabling patients worldwide to have timely access to safe blood. As a trusted brand, we are uniquely positioned to grow our valuable offering of 81 FDA and 74 CE-marked high quality reagents. In addition, we are actively investing and growing our position in the automated reagents market. Our user-friendly products increase staff efficiency and allow for ease of interpretation, better serving blood banks, hospitals and industry OEM partners worldwide.

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