Honeyman Group launches MosaiQ antibody testing platform for COVID-19

The Honeyman Group, a longstanding Quotient partner, today announced the launch of a new, highly sensitive antibody test utilizing the high-throughput MosaiQ™ platform which coupled with PCR screening can provide a systematic approach for businesses managing teams back-to-work”.

Detecting antibodies with 100% sensitivity, the MosaiQ equipment can process up to 3,000 samples a day utilizing Honeyman’s sample collection network. The company is the only laboratory to provide antibody and PCR sample turnaround in less than 24 hours from collection throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The test is designed to detect both IgG and IgM response to SARS-CoV-2 at an early stage of infection.

Tom Honeyman, Managing Director of Honeyman Group, said, “Dual antibody detection is a significant step forward. Existing approved test methods used within the UK only provide for IgG antibody detection, but research has shown that not everyone has this reaction. Quotient’s MosaiQ COVID-19 Antibody Microarray additionally picks-up the instances in which people have an IgM response. Coupled with our PCR testing service, this systematic approach is proving popular with businesses responsible for managing large workforces.”

Honeyman Group is expanding its network of phlebotomy-capable partners to facilitate the sampling needs of businesses, individuals and public health systems throughout the UK and Ireland. These include private GP practices, clinics, workforce occupational health teams etc.

“Antibody testing – the ability to quickly test if people have developed antibodies to COVID-19– is critical in helping the UK move out of lockdown, restarting the economy and continuing to fight this pandemic. We are proud to be working with Honeyman”, said Franz Walt Chief Executive Officer, Quotient.

The MosaiQ COVID-19 Antibody Microarray was CE marked on 01 May 2020. With a 100% sensitivity and 99.8% specificity claim, the test has a best in class performance.

Antibody testing indicates past or recent infection, allowing immune response rates to be assessed. Using COVID-19 antibody testing solutions to assess an individual’s potential immunity to the disease can help determine who can return to work and daily life.

“MosaiQ was developed in the UK, in Edinburgh, and Switzerland and we believe it is one of the most accurate and fastest tests on the market. We are talking to Governments and laboratories across the Continent and are delighted about the positive response we have been getting”, Ed Farrell Chief Operating Officer, Quotient.

The collaboration sees Honeyman Group partnering with its long-term customer Quotient, in turn installing Quotient’s latest antibody testing platform at Honeyman Laboratories for Coronavirus testing. In April 2018 Honeyman completed installation of its patented high purity HydroGienic® water system at Quotient’s R&D and Manufacturing facility in Scotland.

Honeyman Group is committed to help identify those who have already been infected so that teams can work more safely, particularly in the highly regulated medical supply chain in which it operates.

To learn more and read the full press release, visit: Honeyman Group 

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