CNN Money CH: Swiss company races to bring COVID-19 antibody tests to market

Experts say antibody testing will play a crucial role in easing coronavirus lockdowns around the world and reviving economies. “If you have antibody tests you can identify those who are already immune and can go back safely to work and who might need a vaccine once a vaccine becomes available,” said Franz Walt, CEO of Swiss medical diagnostics company Quotient. While there are few reliable tests on the market at present, Quotient says it has developed a highly accurate one that can be carried out quickly on its blood screening machines. The company is scaling up production of the machines, called MosaiQ, at its plant in Eysins, Switzerland, as it seeks approval to commercialize the test in Europe and the U.S. Quotient plans to sell the tests for between USD 15 and 25 and to lease or sell the machines at cost. Just one machine can perform 3,000 tests a day, Walt says.

To watch the interview, visit: CNN Money Switzerland

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