Introducing the first CE-marked IVDR autoimmune microarray assay, MosaiQ ® AiPlex CTD, a clinically relevant and fully automated test designed for generalists and specialists to aid in the diagnosis of Connective Tissue Diseases.

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AliveDx brings advanced multiplexing microarray technology to autoimmune diagnostics, simplifying lab workflows and accelerating the time to diagnosis for patients and physicians.

The average autoimmune disease takes 4.5 years to diagnose*

The path to diagnosis for Connective Tissue Diseases (CTD) can be painfully long and uncertain. Because symptoms overlap and vary among patients, a blood test can help to screen for CTD–  sometimes even before symptoms begin. The test identifies disease-specific markers, so physicians can rule out diseases or estimate the disease severity and provide a prognosis.

*American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association

A Comprehensive Autoimmunity Assay

Our clinically relevant CTD menu with 11 analytes covers the needs of specialists and generalists in one test

The MosaiQ AiPlex CTD is designed for simultaneous qualitative detection of antibodies directed to native dsDNA and to Extractable Nuclear Antigens (ENAs: TRIM21 (SS-A52), SS-A 60, SS-B, Sm, Sm/RNP, U1RNP, Scl-70, Jo-1, CENP B, Ribosomal P Protein) in human serum.

*Not available in all territories subject to regulatory clearance.

Advancing Clinical Diagnostics – with Microarray Technology

Microarray technology brings unique benefits to optimize lab efficiency and productivity.

  • Thanks to the multiplexing microarray, no reflex testing and no extra steps are required, allowing your lab to accelerate diagnostic pathways and produce same-day results
  • The AiPlex CTD microarray can process 125 samples per hour, producing up to 1,000 samples in an 8-hour shift
  • The AiPlex CTD magazine loading capacity contains 85 or 250 individual AiPlex CTD microarrays, allowing several panels to be tested at the same time
  • The microarray requires only a small patient sample volume (10ul for only 11 tests)–– reducing reagent waste and unnecessary doctor’s visits

Why choose MosaiQ® AiPlex CTD Microarray?

Improve clinical diagnostics

Starting with Connective Tissue Diseases, MosaiQ’s multiplexing testing solutions can simplify workflows, create efficiencies and generate economic value. 

Shorten time to diagnosis

The MosaiQ AiPlex CTD can help to shorten time to diagnosis by identifying autoantibodies early in the disease stage – sometimes before symptoms begin.

Streamline workflows

Easy-to-use random-access system can test multiple markers at the same time, including up to 11 analytes for the MosaiQ AiPlex CTD – in just one round with no additional steps.

Enhance staff productivity

With start-up and maintenance done in under 30 minutes and no calibration needed, MosaiQ’s 8-hour walk-away time enables laboratory technicians to focus on more value-added tasks.

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